You’ve probably heard of Super Why, the popular children’s show that teaches kids about math, reading, science and more. And if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time. One of the recurring themes on Super Why is toys that help kids learn. Not only are these toys fun and engaging, but they can also be quite useful when it comes to school. So whether your child is already educated or just starting out, check out this list of 10 awesome toys for the super-intelligent child in your life.

What is Super Why?

Super Why is a show about a super-smart kid who helps other kids learn about why things happen. Each episode features a question about the world that kids can’t answer on their own, and then Super Why comes to town to help out. He’s got all the answers – and he always uses his wit and humor to make learning fun!

If you have a super-intelligent child in your life, they’ll love Super Why. He’s full of laughs and knowledge, and he knows just how to get kids excited about learning. Plus, his awesome toys are sure to keep them entertained (and learning!). From action figures to puzzles, there’s something for every Super Why fan. Check out some of our favorites below!

How does Super Why work?

Super Why is a series of children’s educational videos produced by PBS that aim to help kids learn how to ask questions and solve problems. The toy featured in this article is the Super Why interactive book.

The Super Why interactive book is a board book with a built-in CD player that comes with 20 Super Why adventures, each with a video at the end that teaches kids about concepts like numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and more. Once your child has finished the adventures in the book, they can use the CD player to watch additional videos on topics like math, science, history, and more.

Overall, we think the Super Why interactive book is a great way for kids to learn about various topics while having fun. It’s also great for parents who want to encourage their children’s intelligence and help them develop problem-solving skills.

What are some of the best Super Why toys?

There are so many great toys out there for kids who love to learn and explore. From math toys to science kits, these items can help your child grow in their understanding of the world around them. Here are some of the best Super Why toys:

1. The Wonder Workshop from Fisher Price is perfect for children who love learning about science and technology. It comes with a variety of tools and activities that help kids learn about different concepts, such as electricity and engines.

2. The educational activity book LeapFrog My First Touch & Learn Book is a great way for your child to learn basic reading skills. Through interactive stories and activities, they will be able to learn how to read, write, and do basic math problems.

3. The Tracie McMillan Mind Blowing Math Adventures from Scholastic is a great way for kids to expand their mathematical knowledge. With exciting challenges and activities, they will be able to learn all about fractions, decimals, multiplication tables, and more!

4. For children who love exploring outer space, the KidzBots Space Exploration Kit from Hasbro is an excellent option. This kit includes everything your child needs to start exploring space on their own!

The Best Time To Buy Super Why Toys

Why buy Super Why toys now? There are several reasons why buying Super Why toys now is a great idea. The best time to purchase these toys is during the holiday season, when retailers are often offering discounts and sales on these items. Plus, the new season of “Super Why” will be airing in November, which means there will be even more opportunities to get your hands on these treasures!

Another good reason to get your hands on Super Why toys now is because they’re going to become harder and harder to find as the year goes on. Many children’s stores close at the end of each year, so if you want to buy a toy that features Mr. Yeast or Wonder Woman, it’s important to do it soon!

But wait, there’s one more reason to buy Super Why toys now: because your child is going to love them! These are some of the most ingenious and imaginative toys out there, and no matter what age your child is, they’re sure to delight in playing with them. So go ahead and add some of these amazing treasures into your collection – you won’t regret it!


Children are always curious, and if they’re super-intelligent like ours are, they can be downright inquisitive! That’s why we’ve put together this collection of toys that will keep your Intelligent Child entertained (and learning) all day long. From puzzles to playing cards to coding kits, these gifts will have them engaged and thinking more deeply about the world around them. Thanks for making our Super Why mornings a little brighter!


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