Why Are People Mad At Disney After They Cancel Star Wars Land?

It’s no secret that Disney has a lot of fans. From their classic films to their popular television shows and attractions, Disney has a lot of people who love them. And it seems like everything is going great for them—until they announce the cancellation of Star Wars Land. Now, before you start jumping to conclusions, it’s important to understand why are people mad at disney after cancelling the project. But even if you do understand, that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. After all, everyone has different opinions and this is just one example of how fan backlash can get out of hand. But rather than dwell on what could have been, take a step back and analyze the situation from a more objective standpoint. After all, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and emotions surrounding something as popular as Star Wars Land.

Disney announced that they were cancelling Star Wars Land at Disneyland

Disney has announced that they are cancelling Star Wars Land at Disneyland. This has caused a lot of outrage on social media with people accusing Disney of being selfish and not caring about the fans. However, there are some reasons why this could be the case.

One reason is that Disney is facing a lot of competition from Universal Studios. They have already opened their newest Harry Potter land, and are working on a new Jurassic Park land. Disney doesn’t want to lose focus and create another park that is only half-finished.

Another reason is that Disney is currently in debt. They invested a lot of money into Star Wars Land, and if it doesn’t turn out to be successful they could end up losing a lot of money. Cancelling the project would save them money in the long run.

Overall, I think Disney made the right decision in cancelling Star Wars Land. It wasn’t going to be a success anyway, so they saved themselves some money and didn’t have to worry about it becoming an unfinished project.

People are mad because they paid a lot of money to go to the park and now it’s gone

Disney has been canceling a lot of their projects recently, including Star Wars Land. Some people are mad because they paid a lot of money to go to the park and now it’s gone. Others are mad because Disney is going to make so much money off of this cancellation that they’re not going to give refunds. Disney has been making lots of money lately, so it’s not surprising that some people are upset about this.

Some people are saying that Disney is greedy and doesn’t care about their customers

Some people are saying that Disney is greedy and doesn’t care about their customers. They claim that the company canceled Star Wars Land because it was expensive to build, and that Disney only cares about making money. Others say that Disney is doing what’s best for its shareholders, and that canceling Star Wars Land was necessary to focus on other projects. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, there are definitely some valid points to be made. Here are a few of them:

1. The Cost of Star Wars Land Was High

Disney originally estimated that building Star Wars Land would cost $1 billion. But when the project got more complicated than expected, the price tag ballooned to $2 billion. That’s a lot of money, and it’s not clear whether or not it was really worth it. Some people say that the land could have been used for other things instead, like expanding Disneyland Paris or creating new attractions at Disney World/AEA.

2. There Were Alternatives To Cancelling Star Wars Land

Disney could have chosen to continue working on the land even if it wasn’t 100% sure that it would be profitable. But by canceling the project, Disney can now focus its resources on other projects that may be more likely to succeed. For example, they’re currently working on a theme park based around Marvel characters called D23 Expo Park which opens in 2019 . This decision may not be popular with everyone, but it’s likely to be more successful than the failed Star Wars Land project.

3. Disney Is Still Supporting Star Wars Fans

Disney hasn’t cancelled all of its Star Wars projects. For example, they’re still planning to release a new movie called Rogue One in December 2016, and they’ve already released a few spin-off movies like The Force Awakens and Episode VIII. In other words, Disney isn’t abandoning its fans – they’re just focusing their resources on different projects at the moment.

Others are saying that Disney is just doing what’s best for their business

People are upset and angry at Disney after they cancelled Star Wars Land. They say that the company is just doing what’s best for their business and that they shouldn’t be mad. Others are saying that Disney isn’t actually cancelling the land, but instead is just shifting its focus to other projects.Regardless of how it happened, people are upset and feeling betrayed by Disney.

In the end, it looks like Disney will still make a lot of money even though they cancelled Star Wars Land

Disney announced on October 6th that they have cancelled their planned Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. This left many fans feeling disappointed, as the attraction had been eagerly anticipated. However, financial analysts say that Disney will still make a lot of money even though they have cancelled the project.

The reason for this is because Disney has a very large portfolio of products and services, which means they can continue to make money from other attractions and products at their parks even if Star Wars Land doesn’t come to life. For example, Disney now has Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Ride located at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park, which opened in 2009 and is one of the most popular rides in the park. Similarly, Marvel Universe Live! located at Epcot’s World Showcase area opened in 2015 and is also very popular. These attractions not only benefit from increased attendance due to Star Wars Land being cancelled, but also from increased spending by tourists who are interested in visiting theme parks based on their favorite franchises.

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