Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been a beloved theme park for decades, with its gorgeous landscapes, captivating wildlife and immersive attractions. But recently the park has come under fire due to its introduction of “live entertainment” acts featuring wild animals. From elephants to tigers, many are saying that Disney is using these animals merely as props in a show rather than respecting them as living creatures. In this blog post we will explore why is everyone mad at disney 2022  people are so mad at Disney’s new Animal Kingdom and what it means for animal welfare going forward. We’ll also suggest a few ways that you can help support the animals who may be impacted by these controversial new shows.

The new Animal Kingdom park is too expensive

The new Animal Kingdom park is too expensive for what it is. It’s a small park with not much to do. The rides are okay, but they’re not worth the price of admission. The food is overpriced and the souvenirs are overpriced. I think Disney is taking advantage of people who love animals.

The new Animal Kingdom park is too crowded

The new Animal Kingdom park is too crowded. The lines are long, the rides are slow, and the animals are all crammed into small spaces. It’s not the magical Disney experience we were expecting.

The new Animal Kingdom park is too loud

Disney’s new Animal Kingdom park is too loud for many visitors. The park is filled with animals that make noise, and the rides are also quite loud. This can be overwhelming for some visitors, and it can make it difficult to enjoy the park.

The new Animal Kingdom park is too scary

Some people are saying that the new Animal Kingdom park is too scary for kids. They say that the animals are too lifelike and that the rides are too intense. They also say that the park is too big and overwhelming.

The new Animal Kingdom park is too commercialized

Some people are criticizing Disney’s new Animal Kingdom park for being too commercialized. They say that the park is filled with too many shops and restaurants, and not enough animals.

Others argue that the park is still a great place to see animals, even if there are more shops and restaurants than in the past. And, they say, the new park is more family-friendly than the old one.

What do you think? Is the new Animal Kingdom park too commercialized?

What are the alternatives to the new Animal Kingdom park?

There are a few alternative plans for the new Animal Kingdom park that have been proposed. One is to build the park in an already established zoo, like the San Diego Zoo or the Bronx Zoo. Another is to build a series of smaller parks around the world that would each focus on a different biome or ecosystem.

The most controversial alternative, however, is to not build the new Animal Kingdom park at all. This option has gained traction among animal rights activists who argue that building a new amusement park would be detrimental to animals both in captivity and in the wild. They believe that instead of investing in a new Animal Kingdom, Disney should focus on supporting conservation efforts and improving conditions for animals already in their care.


All in all, Disney’s new Animal Kingdom has proven to be a controversial topic among its fans. While many people seem to appreciate the park for its attempt at offering an interactive experience that is heavily focused on animal conservation, others are concerned about the welfare of the animals and have voiced their concerns regarding how closely humans are allowed to interact with them. Ultimately, it is clear that there are both pros and cons associated with this new attraction from Disney and each person will have to make up their own mind when it comes to deciding whether or not they should visit Animal Kingdom.


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